100 Objective GK Questions for Class 3 With Answer

100 Objective GK Questions for Class 3 With Answer । कक्षा 3 के बच्चों के सामान्य ज्ञान के सवाल

General knowledge is such a subject that it is necessary for everyone to know about it It includes all subjects like History, Geography, Social Science, Science, Mathematics etc In the present time, study of general knowledge questions is also necessary for children, due to which children get to know something new.
Keeping this in view, today in this article we are providing Top 100 Objective Gk Question for class 3 children.

50 Objective GK Questions for Class 3 With Answer

Top 100 Objective Gk Question for Class 3 with Answer in English

1. Which is the tallest building on the Earth ?


ANSWER= (A) Burj khalifa


2. Which is the largest country by area ?





ANSWER= (B) Russia


3. What Does the Heart Pump ?




ANSWER= (C) Blood


4. in which Country Efil Tower located ?


ANSWER= (A) France


5. Who Invented the Light Bulb ?

     Charles Babbage

ANSWER= (D) Thomas Alva Edison


6. who discovered zero ?


ANSWER= (A) Aryabhatt


7. 10×10+5 Is equal to –





ANSWER= (C) 105


8. What is the face value of 8 in 48123 ?




9. What is the place value of 8 in 48123 ?


ANSWER= (D) 8000


10. What is the Greatest Number of formed using this digits 4, 8, 1 and 2


ANSWER= (A) 8421


11. Which number is neither prime nor composite ?







12. How many millimetres are there in a centimetre ?


ANSWER= (B) 10 mm


13. How many sides are there in a heptagon ?


ANSWER= (C) 7 Sides


14. 5 times 19 is equal to ?





ANSWER= (D) 95


15. 8×9÷9-5+9 is equal to ? ( Use BODMAS Rule )





ANSWER= (A) 12


16. Which is the largest living animal in the world ?


ANSWER= (C) Blue Whale


17. Which is the longest river in the world ?


ANSWER= (B) Nile River


18. How many months of a year have 31 days ?







19. How many Hearts does an octopus Have ?


ANSWER= (C) Three


20. In Cricket, how many stamps are there in each Wickets ?



21. Which is the second largest country by area ?


ANSWER= (C) Canada


22. Who invented telephone ?


ANSWER= (C) Alexander Graham Bell


23. Which country is known as the ‘ Land of White Elephant ‘


ANSWER= (D) Thailand


24. Name of the highest mountain in the world ?


ANSWER= (C) Mount Everest


25. Which one of the below as a root vegetable ?


ANSWER= (A) Carrot


26. In which continent in India located ?


ANSWER= (A) Asia


27. Which one of the below is an input device ?





ANSWER= (C) Mouse


28. which city is located ‘ The statue of liberty ‘


     New York


ANSWER= (B) New York


29. Which is the largest living lizard on the Earth


ANSWER= (C) Komodo dragon


30. One kilogram is equal to how many grams

     100 gm
     1000 gm

ANSWER= (B) 1000 gm


31. Which is the smallest planet in solar system ?


ANSWER= (D) Mercury


32. Which plant is known as the Red plant ?





ANSWER= (A) Mars


33. Which is the largest river on the earth ?


ANSWER= (B) Amazon River


34. Argentina is located in which continent ?


ANSWER= (C) South America


35. in which sports in used LBW ?


ANSWER= (C) Cricket


36. Which is the biggest planet in our solar system ?





ANSWER= (B) Jupiter


37. Who is known as ‘ God of Cricket ‘ ?


ANSWER= (B) Sachin Tendulkar


38. Which country won the first T20 World Cup ?


ANSWER= (A) India


38. What is the Full form of DOB ?





ANSWER= (C) Date of Birth


40. What is the name of Polygon that has four Sides





ANSWER= (C) Quadrilateral


41. Which is the Called Holly river of India ?


ANSWER= (D) Ganga


42. Name of the largest fresh water lake in India ?


ANSWER= (A) Wular Lake


43. Which day is celebrated National teachers Day ?




     5 October

ANSWER= (C) 5 September


44. Who is day is celebrated children’s Day ? 


ANSWER= (D) 14 November


45. Which is the biggest part of the Humab brain ?


ANSWER= (B) Cerebrum

46. What is the capital of India ?


ANSWER= (C) New Delhi


47. who is called the iron man of india ?


ANSWER= (B) Sardar vallabhbhai Patel


48. The famous Sun temple is located in which state


ANSWER= (A) Odisha


49. How many states are there in India at present ?


ANSWER= (B) 28


50. What is the Capital of Maharashtra ?


ANSWER= (A) Mumbai

Top 25 one Liner GK Question with answer for Class 3 in English

1. Population Day is celebrated every year on Which Day ?

Answer :- 11 July

2. How many letters are in the English Alphabet ?

Answer :- 26 Letters

3. Which Color is Considered a Symbol of Peace ?

Answer :- White

4. On which day do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti Every Year ?

Answer :- 2 October

5. Which is the Name of Largest Sea Animal ?

Answer :- Blue Whale

6. Which is the Largest Animal on the Earth ?

Answer :- Blue Whale

7. What is that Animal that never Sits ?

Answer :- Horse

8. What is a horse child Called ?

Answer :- Colt

9. In which state in India the sun Rises first ?

Answer :- Arunachal Pradesh 

10. On which day Every Year Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India ?

Answer :- 5 September

Top 10 Science GK Question for Class 3  

1. Name of a fruit which is rich Source of Vitamin C ?

Answer :- Gooseberry

2. Which vitamin do we get from sunlight ?

Answer :- Vitamin D

3. The main function of heart in  Human body ?

Answer :- pump the blood to all parts of body

4. At what temperature does liquid water freeze ?

Answer :- 0° C

5.What is the process that turns a gas into a Liquid ? 

Answer :- Condensation 

6. Leaves are green due to presence of green pigment called ?

Answer :- Chlorophyll

7. Fish absorbs oxygen from water through their _______ ?

Answer :- Gills

8. Which is the longest part of our digestive system ? 

Answer :- Small Intestine

9. Which part of the Ear detects Sound Waves ?

Answer :- Ear Drum

10. In which planet of our solar system water is found in Liquid form ?

Answer :- Earth

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