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Top 100 GK Questions and Answers In English 2023 | 100 General Knowledge Questions

Having a strong foundation in general knowledge (GK) is like possessing a key that opens innumerable doors of understanding in a world that is awash with knowledge. General knowledge is the cornerstone of a well-rounded and knowledgeable person, whether you’re studying for competitive examinations, conversing with others, or just trying to broaden your horizons. This essay sets off on a journey through a compendium of the top 100 general knowledge questions that cover a wide range of topics, from history and physics to culture and geography, ensuring you are well-equipped to impress, learn, and excel.

GK Questions
Top 100 GK Questions and Answers In English

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Top 100+ GK Questions and Answers In English 2023 | 100 General Knowledge Questions for all Exam

Where is ‘Hindustan Organic Limited’ located?

Answer :- Maharashtra

Who is known as the ‘Father of Hindi Theatre’?

Answer :- Bharatendu Harishchandra

When did Hitler commit suicide?

Answer :- 30 April 1945

Who is discovered hydrogen?

Answer :- Henry Cavendish

Which metal is found in chlorophyll?

Answer :- Magnesium

Which crop was most affected by the Green Revolution?

Answer :- Wheat

What is the main element that makes bones and teeth?

Answer :- Calcium

In which Indian state the Harappan site ‘Dholavira’ has been discovered?

Answer :- Gujarat

Which site of the Harappan civilization is known as the ‘Mound of the Dead’?

Answer :- Mohenjodaro

What was the main feature of the Harappan civilization?

Answer :- Town planning system

Basic GK Questions in english

In which year was the first industrial policy of independent India announced?

Answer :- 1948 AD

‘Swang’ is a famous folk dance associated in which state?

Answer :- Haryana

‘Swarna Kamal Award’ is given in which field?

Answer :- Cinema

Who was the first person to estimate national income?

Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

Who was the first woman governor of a state in independent India?

Answer :- Sarojini Naidu

Who was the first education minister of independent India?

Answer :- Abul Kalam Azad

When was the first budget of independent India presented?

Answer :- on 26 November 1947

Who was the first Governor General of independent Pakistan?

Answer :- Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Which Sikh Guru got the Golden Temple of Amritsar built?

Answer :- Guru Arjun Dev

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Which is the brightest planet in Our solar system?

Answer :- Venus

How long does it take for the sunlight to reach the earth?

Answer :- 8 minutes 20 seconds

What is the percentage of hydrogen in the chemical mixture of the Sun?

Answer :- 75%

What is the estimated surface temperature of the Sun?

Answer :- 6000 °C

When is the maximum distance between the Sun and the Earth?

Answer :- 4th of July

What was the Celsius scale formerly called?

Answer :- Centigrade scale

‘Sufi Silsila’ originally belonged to which religion?

Answer :- Islam

What is used in cooking LPG gas cylinders to make the gas smelly for safety?

Answer :- Ethyl mercaptan

In which year did Subhash Chandra Bose take over the command of the Azad Hind Fauj?

Answer :- in 1943 AD

Who is known as the ” Father of White Revolution ” in India ?

Answer :- Verghese Kurien

In which year was C.V. Raman awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics ?

Answer :- 1930

When was the first general election held in independent India ?

Answer :- 1951

When was the first passenger train ran in India ?

Answer :- 1853

Who was the first person to be awarded The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ?

Answer :- Vishwanathan Anand

Best GK Questions

Who became the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly ?

Answer :- Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Who Was the first Miss Universe from India ?

Answer :- Sushmita Sen

Who was the first Miss World from India ?

Answer :- Reita Faria

When was the first telegraph line started in India ?

Answer :- 1851

When was the PIN System first introduced in India ?

Answer :-1972

Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar award ?

Answer :- Bhanu Athaiya

Top 1000 Most Important Lucent General Knowledge Questions With PDF for all Competitive Exam

Who was the first woman to become a judge of the Supreme Court of India ?

Answer :- Fathima Beevi

Who was the first and Only woman Prime Minister of India ?

Answer :- Smt. Indira Gandhi

Who was the first woman governor of any Indian state ?

Answer :- Sarojini Naidu

Who won the first Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1969 ?

Answer :- Devika Rani

Jivraj Narayan Mehta was the first Chief Minister of India in which state ?

Answer :- Gujarat

Which is the highest rank of the Indian Army ?

Answer :- Field marshal

Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British parliament ?

Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

Who Was the first Recipient of the Aadhaar Card ?

Answer :- Ranjana Sonawane

Ranjani Sonawane, a resident of Tembhli village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra state, is the first Aadhaar recipient of India.

GK Questions in English
Easy gk Questions

Who was the first female IAS officer in India ?

Answer :- Anna Rajam Malhotra

Who is known as the Flying Sikh of India ?

Answer :- Milkha Singh

Which was India’s first mission to the Moon ?

Answer :- Chandrayaan – 1

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1. Which of the following is the primary cause of the depletion of the ozone layer?

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2. The branch of medical science under which cancer and tumors studied are called ?

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3. Hepatology is related to -

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4. Who among the following has the highest command oft theIndian Defense Forces? 

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5. Who founded the " all India harijan sangh "?

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6. The Indian first National Park "Jim Corbett National Park" is situated in which state of India?

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7. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides for National Emergency ?

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8. Where is the only floating national park of India "Keibul Lamjao National Park " is Situated ?

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9. Which of the following causes a disease called athlete's foot?

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10. "Kuchipudi" is the famous classical dance of which state of India ?

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Top 50 GK Questions With answers 2023

1.What is the motto of the Indian National Emblem ?

Answer :- Satyameva Jayate

Who was the first Law and Justice Minister of India ?

Answer :- Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Who was the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh ?

Answer :- Yashwant Singh Parmar

Who was India’s longest serving Prime Minister ?

Jawaharlal Nehru

Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India ?

Answer :- Sukumar Sen

Who was the first US president to visit India ?

Answer :- Dwight D. Eisenhower

For which book Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize in Literature ?

Answer :- Gitanjali

In which field Amartya Sen received the Nobel Prize in 1998 ?

Answer:- Economics

Which popular cricketer is known as ‘ Haryana Hurricane ‘ ?

Answer :- Kapil Dev

Who was the first Indian to win the Man Booker Prize ?

Answer :- Arundhati Roy

Who was awarded the first Param Vir Chakra ?

Answer :- Major Somnath Sharma

Who was the first Indian woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize ?

Answer :- Annie besant

Who Was the first female Indian Astronaut ?

Answer :- Kalpana Chawla

Who appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India ?

Answer :- President

Easy GK questions

Who was the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha ?

Answer :- Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

Where is the Indian Military Academy located ?

Answer :- Dehradun

The Indian Institute of Science is located in which Indian city ?

Answer :- Bangalore

Which is the only continent where Giraffes live ?

Answer :- Africa

Which Planet is Also known by the Name of Red planet ?

Answer :- Mars

Who designed the Indian Rupee Symbol ?

Answer :- Uday Kumar Dharmalingam

Who is known as the Father of Indian Cinema ?

Answer :- Dadasaheb Phalke

Who is the longest living structure on the Earth ?

Answer :- The great Barrier Reef -Australia

What is the official language of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh ?

Answer :- Telugu

What is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain Range ?

Answer :- Guru Shikhar

Which is the Longest Lake in India ?

Answer :- Vembanad Lake is the longest lake in India situated in the Indian state of Kerala.

Gandhi Sagar Dam is situated in which Indian state ?

Answer :- Gandhi Sagar dam is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh . This dam is built on India’s Chambal River.

Which river flowing in India is called Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet ?

Answer :- Brahmaputra

Which Indian State is known as Land of Five Rivers ‘ ?

Answer :- Punjab

Agra is Situated on the Bank of which River ?

Answer :- Yamuna River

Name of the smallest Gulf in the world ?

Answer :- Gulf of California

The World Famous Howrah Bridge located in Which City in India ?

Answer :- Kolkatta ( West Bengal )

Which is the longest Railway Platform in the World ?

Answer :- Hubli junction is World longest railway platform in Situated Indian state of Karnataka This Platform 1 of the Hubbali station, with a length of 1,505 metres.

Which is the Highest Mountain in the World ?

Answer :- Mount Everest

Indian standard time (IST) is taken from which place of india ?

Answer :- Naini , near Allahabad.

Which is the oldest mountain range in India ?

Answer :- Aravalli Range

Which is the Smallest Country in Asia ?

Answer :- The Maldives

Best Gk Questions

Gir National park is located in which State of India ?

Answer :- Gujarat

In which year Project Tiger was launched by The Government Of India ?

Answer :- 1973

Kanha National Park is located in Which State of India ?

Answer :- Madhya Pradesh

Kaziranga National Park is located in Which Indian State ?

Answer :- Assam

Some GK Questions

in which Indian State located Sunderban Tiger Reserve ?

Answer :- West Bengal

Mudumalai National Park is located in Which State of India ?

Answer :- Tamil Nadu

Who is the first National Park established in India ?

Answer :- Jim Corbett National Park is The India’s first national park was established in Year 1936 . Jim Corbett National Park in Situated in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. 

Which is the first biosphere reserve in India ?

Answer :- Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Tamil Nadu

Which is the Largest Dam in India ?

Answer :- Bhakra Nangal Dam, Himachal Pradesh

Bhakra Nangal Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Sutlej River in Bhakra Village. This Dam is Situated in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh .

on Which River Sardar Sarovar Dam is Built ?

Answer :- narmada river

Which Rivers flows between Vindhya and Satpura Ranges ?

Answer :- Narmada River

GK questions with answers

Somnath Temple is situated on the Coast of which state of India ?

Answer :- Gujarat

Which Animal gives birth only once in Lifetime ?

Answer :- Female Octopus

Which animal has the highest Blood pressure in the world ?

Answer :- Giraffe

Which is the first Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) ?

Answer :- IIT Kharagpur

Where is the headquarters of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) ?

Answer :- Mumbai

Hypermetropia is corrected by using which type of lens?

Answer :- Convex lens.

Top 20 GK Questions in English 2023

Who became the first Person to get a Pilot license in India ?

Answer :- J. R. D. Tata

In Which Year Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI ) established ?

Answer :- 1997

Who is known as the ‘ Father of the Indian nuclear programme ‘ ?

Answer :- Homi J. Bhabha

Which animal never drinks water in its entire life ?

Answer :- Kangaroo Rat

Which City is Called the fruit basket of India ?

Answer :- Himachal Pradesh

What is the Full Form of CID ?

Answer :- Crime Investigation Department

Where is the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India located ?

Answer :- Mumbai

Where was the first Metro rail service introduced in India ?

Answer :- Kolkata

Which international organization was Created as a result of North Atlantic Treaty , 1949 ?

Answer :- NATO

The ” Tartar ” tribe in habitates which part of the World ?

Answer :- Siberia

What is the full form of OPEC ?

Answer :- Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

which is the largest city of African Continent ?

Answer :- Cairo

Which is the largest state of India by Area ?

Answer :- Rajasthan

which City of the United States , the Headquarters of Google are located ?

Answer :- Mountain View , California

What is the name of the first spacecraft that reach the Mars ?

Answer :- Viking – 1

What was the name of the spacecraft , that landed the first humans on moon ?

Answer :- Apollo 11

The famous Ganga Sagar Mela an annual fair is held in which state of India ?

Answer :- West Bengal

Name the gulf between India and Sri Lanka ?

Answer :- Gulf of Mannar

Which Indian State is known as Tea Garden of India ?

Answer :- Assam

Which is the most spoken language in the world?

Answer :- Mandarin Chinese

Most Famous top 10 GK Questions in English 2023

1. Who invented the law of gravity ?

Answer :- Sir Isaac Newton

2. Who was invented the electric light bulb ?

Answer :- Thomas Alva Edison

3. who was the first President of USA ?

Answer :- George Washington

4. who was the father of Indian space program ?

Answer :- Dr Vikram sarabhai

5. What is the full form of IAS ?

Answer :- Indian administrative service

6.Which country has the largest written constitution in the world?

Answer :- India

7. What is the Life span of Shark ?

Answer :- 20 to 30 Years

Most of the sharks have a life span of 20 to 30 years after which it dies while some sharks live even longer while some people believe that they can live up to 100 years but there is no Proven.

8. Which country gifted the ‘Statue of Liberty’ to USA in 1886?

Answer :- France

9. The World Earth Day is Celebrated Every Year on which day?

Answer :- 22 April

10. What is the real name of Swami Vivekananda ?

Answer :- Narendranath dutta

Famous GK Questions about India

Giddha is the Famous folk dance of in which State ?

Answer :- Punjab

Which is the largest district of India By Area ?

Answer :- Kutch , Gujarat

Dilwara Temples are Situated in Which State of India ?

Answer :- Rajasthan

Which City is known as the ” Manchester of South India ” ?

Answer :- Coimbatore

Which fort in India is also known as the Golden fort ?

Answer :- Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Which city is known as ” the Queen of the Arabian Sea ” ?

Answer :- Kochi ( Kerala )

Who wrote the book Arthashastra ?

Answer :- Chanakya

Which is the Second Most Regional language in India ?

Answer :- Bengali

What is the official language of Indian State of Bihar ?

Answer :- Hindi

The famous classical dance bharatanatyam is related to which state ?

Answer :- Tamil Nadu

Name the pass located between Nilgiri Hills and Anaimalai Hills ?

Answer :- Palghat

Which is the Indian state with the longest coastline ?

Answer :- Gujarat

Top 150 Samanya Gyan GK of Previous Year Question

60 General Knowledge Questions with answers

1.Which Country shares the longest boundary with India ?

Answer :- Bangladesh

2. Which is the boundary line Called between India and Pakistan ?

Answer :- Radcliffe Line

3. Which channel Separates the Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?

Answer :- Ten Degree Channel

4. Which state in India Shares Our boundaries with Maximum States ?

Answer :- Uttar Pradesh

5. Abolition of untouchability comes under which article in India ?

Answer :- Article 17

6. What is the meaning of white color on the Indian national flag ?

Answer :- Peace and Truth

7. What is the Maximum gap between two sessions of the Parliament ?

Answer :- 6 months

8. When is National Girl Child Day celebrated in India ?

Answer :- 24 January

9. On which day National Youth Day is celebrated every year in India ?

Answer :- 12 January

10. When is Indian Navy Day Celebrated Every Year ?

Answer :- 4 December

11. In which year GST was launched in India ?

Answer :- 2017

12. When was the ” Make in India ” program launched by the Government of India ?

Answer :- 2014

13. The only Language Which the Computer understands is ?

Answer :- Binary Language

14. What does FM stands for in FM Radio ?

Answer :- Frequency Modulation

15. What is the full form of SIM?

Answer :- Subscriber Identity Module

16. Who was the first president of the United States ?

Answer :- George Washington

17. Who was the first women to go into space?

Answer :- Valentina Tereshkova

18. What is the time taken by sunlight to reach Earth ?

Answer :- 8 min 16 second

19. Study of Whole Universe is also known as ?

Answer :- Cosmology

20. Which country first introduced the bullet trains?

Answer :- Japan

21. Which one is the biggest island in the world?

Answer :- Greenland

22. What is the name of world longest mountain range ?

Answer :- Andes (south America)

23. Provision of susspension of fundamental rights during emergency is taken from which country?

Answer :- Germany

24. In Indian constitution which articles and Part deal with Union and its territory?

Answer :- Article 1-4 (part-1)

Most IMportant GK Questions

25. Working of optical fibre in communication is based on which Principal ?

Answer :- the principal of total internal reflection

26. what is the SI unit of power of lens ?

Answer :- Dioptre

27. Separation of cream from milkfrom cream seprator is work on which principle?

Answer :- Centrifugal force

28. Detergent or soap cleans the dirty clothes is based on which principle?

Answer :- Surface tension

29. Who is regarded as father of artificial Intelligence?

Answer :- John McCarthy

30. Name the blood vessels which connects the arteries to the veins ?

Answer :- Capillaries

31. What is the value of acceleration due to gravity?

Answer :- 9.8 m/s²

32. Kanchenjunga (8586 mt) mountain is situated in which state of india?

Answer :- Sikkim

33. India shares its longest boundary with which neighbouring country?

Answer :- Bangladesh (4096 km)

34. Who was appointed as the constitutional adviser of the Indian constitutional assembly?

Answer :- BN Rao

35. Bully word is related with which sports?

Answer :- Hockey

36. Where is headquarter of FIFA is located?

Answer :- Zurich (Switzerland)

37. “Black Pagoda” is located in which state of India?

Answer :- Odisha

38. Which is the largest temple in India?

Answer :- Srirangam Temple

The Srirangam Temple located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is listed as the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world. The temple occupies an area of ​​156 acres with a circumference of 4,116 meters. making it the largest temple in India and one of the largest religious complex in the world.

39. What is the first colour film made in India?

Answer :- Kisan Kanya

40. Which is the largest Museum in India?

Answer :- Indian Museum, Kolkata

41. In which state of India is Kolar Gold mines (KGF) situated?

Answer :- Karnataka

Kolar Gold Mines is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka state, India. These mines were the largest gold mine in India in the 20th century. One of India’s most hit movie KGF is based on this gold mine.

42. Which state in India has the highest coal reserves ?

Answer :- Jharkhand

43. Which gas is added to LPG to make it smell during the leakage?

Answer :- Ethyl Mercaptan

44. Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere ?

Answer :- Troposphere

45. What is the chemical name of Laughing Gas?

Answer :- Nitrous oxide

46. Which acid is used for cleaning Gold Ornaments?

Answer :- Nitric Acid

47. Which gas is mainly present in CNG?

Answer :- Methane

48. Who is the founder of Paytm ?

Answer :- Vijay Shekhar Sharma

49. Who is the founder of space transport services company, SpaceX ?

Answer :- Elon Musk

50. Who invented bicycle?

Answer :- Baron karl von drais

51. On which day National Farmers Day is celebrated every year in India?

Answer :- 23 December

52. Which Indian city is known as the City of Diamonds ?

Answer :- Surat, Gujarat

53. What is the full form of GPS?

Answer :- Global Positioning System

54. In which Country women are not allowed to drive?

Answer :- Saudi Arabia

55. Which animal can live without water for lifetime?

Answer :- Kangaroo Rat

56. Study of weather called ?

Answer :- metrology

57. Which chemical element is commonly present in common salt?

Answer :- Sodium and Chlorine

58. Which language is used by computer to process data?

Answer :- Binary Language

59. Agra Fort was built by which Mughal emperor?

Answer :- Akbar

60. When did first Internet connection Start in India?

Answer :- 14 August 1995

Top 50 History GK Questions in English

Who founded Mahabalipuram, City of Tamil Nadu ?

Answer :- Narasimhavarman I

What was the Real name of Mahatma Buddha, the founder of Buddhism ?

Answer :- Siddhartha

Which Metal was first used by the Indus people ?

Answer :- Copper

Who was known as the Indian Napoleon ?

Answer :- Samudragupta

Who was the first governor general of india?

Answr :- Lord William Bentick

Who was the first governor general of Independent india?

Answer :- Lord lewis mountbatten

who was the first Mughal emperor of India ?

Answer :- Babar

Who was the first Gupta king to Issue Silver Coins ?

Answer :- Chandragupta II

Who introduced the Permanent Settlement in Bengal ?

Answer :- Lord Cornwallis

Who was the last Viceroy and first Governor – General of Independent India ?

Answer :- Lord Mountbatten

Who was the first Viceroy of India ?

Answer :- Lord Canning

Who was the Viceroy of India during Champaran Satyagraha ?

Answer :- Lord Chelmsford

Who was the last Ruler of Delhi Sultanate ?

Answer :- Ibrahim Lodi

Who was the last Mughal emperor of India ?

Answer :- Bahadur Shah II

Who was the author of Humayun – Nama ?

Answer :- Gulbadan Begum

Which Gupta ruler is known as the ‘ Napoleon of India ‘ ?

Answer :- Samudragupta

Which Mughal emperor abolished Jizya tax for Hindu pilgrims ?

Answer :- Akbar

Jizya was abolished by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th Century but later it was reimposed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the 17th Century .

Which Englishman honored the Mughal Emperor Jahangir with the title of ” Khan ” ?

Answer :- William Hawkins

The British set up their first factory in Surat with the permission of which Mughal Emperor ?

Answer :- Jahangir

In which year did the Battle of Haldighati take place between Maharana Pratap and Akbar ?

Answer :- 1576 On 18th June

Which Mughal Emperor gave land for the construction of the Golden Temple at Amritsar ?

Answer :- Akbar

The Battle of Khanwa in 1527 was fought between ______ ?

Answer :- Babar and Rana sanga

The Capital of the Mughal Empire was shifted from Agra to Delhi in 1638 by which Mughal Emperor ?

Answer :- Shahjahan

Who is considered the greatest ruler of the Mughal Empire ?

Answer :- Mughal emperor Akbar

Who was the last emperor of the Mughal Empire ?

Answer :- bahadur shah jafar

bahadur shah jafar Reigned from 1837 to 1857. Bahadur Shah 2 is also known as Bahadur Shah Zafar . Bahadur Shah || deposed by the British and was exiled to Burma after the Indian Rebellion of 1857 . He was died in British prison in Burma in the year 1862 .

Which war led to the establishment of Mughal Empire in India ?

Answer :- First Battle of Panipat

Who was the founder of Mughal Empire ?

Answer :- Babur

In which year , Quit India Movement was Started ?

Answer :- 1942

The first battle of Panipat fought by Babur and _______ ?

Answer :- Ibrahim Lodi

Which national revolutionary gave this slogan ” inquilab zindabad ” ?

Answer :- Maulana hasrat Mohani

who built the first Grand trunk road in India ?

Answer :- Shershah Suri

When did the capital of India Shift from Kolkata to New Delhi ?

Answer :- 1911

Who was the first President of Indian National Congress ?

Answer :- Womesh Chandra Banerjee

Which Gupta ruler got the iron pillar constructed near Qutub Minar ?

Answer :- Chandragupta ||

Who was the first Muslim invader to attack India ?

Answer :- Muhammed bin Qasim

Tripitaka Granth is related to which Religion ?

Answer :- Buddha

Which British governor banned the practice of Sati ( Sati Pratha ) in India ?

Answer :- Lord William bentic

Which book is also known as the Adi Granth of Indian Music ?

Answer :- Samveda

Which is the oldest city of Indus Civilization discovered in India ?

answer :- harappa

Which river is mostly described in the Early Vedic literature ?

Answer :- Indus river

Which ruler of the Gupta period has been given the title of Kaviraj ?

Answer :- Samudragupta

Who was the first foreign traveler to visit India ?

Answer :- Megasthenes

Which dynasty’s reign is known as the Golden Age of India ?

Answer :- Gupta Dynasty

Which ruler got the Sompur Mahavihara built ?

Answer :- dharmpal

The rulers of which dynasty got the Ellora caves constructed ?

Answer :- Rashtrakuta dynasty

Who founded the ancient Vijayanagara Empire in South India ?

Answer :- Harihar and Bukka

Who was the greatest ruler of Vijayanagara Empire ?

Answer :- Krishnadev Rai |

Who signed the Treaty of Bassein with the British East India Company in 1802 ?

Answer :- Bajirao ||

Which is the largest Indian site of Indus Valley Civilization ?

Answer :- Dholavira

Who was the Governor General of India during the Revolt of 1857 AD ?

Answer :- Lord Canning

Which Mughal emperor was called ” Zinda Pir ” ?

Answer :- Aurangzeb

When did Mahatma Gandhi start the ‘ Dandi March ‘ ?

Answer :- 12 March 1930

Top 50 Science GK Questions in English

Itai itai disease is caused by which metal ?

Answer :- Cadmium

In Eye donation , which part of the donor’s eye is utilized ?

Answer :- Cornea

Which Pigment gives the leaves their Green Colour ?

Answer :- Chlorophyll

which gas is Flushed to Potato Chips Packets ?

Answer :- Nitrogen

Which is the largest part of Alimentary Canal ?

Answer :- Small intestine

The scientific study of Human Heart is called as ?

Answer :- Cardiology

Who discovered the first antibiotic Penicillin ?

Answer :- Alexander Fleming

Which instrument is used to measure the Humidity in Atmosphere ?

Answer :- Hygrometer

Which element is symbolized by k in the Modern Periodic Table ?

Answer :- Potassium

Which female Mosquito is Responsible for Malaria Disease ?

Answer :- Anopheles

Name the person who Studied Plants ?

Answer :- Botanist

Which Metal has highest Melting & boiling Point ?

Answer :- Tungsten

Which instrument is used to locate the object located in the depth of the sea?

Answer :- SONAR

Which toxic substance is present in Tube lights ?

Answer :- Mercury

Which part of the human body is affected by Pneumonia disease?

Answer :- Lungs

What is the outermost layer of Human Skin called as ?

Answer :- Epidermis

Top 200 Most Important GK Questions in Hindi

Which are the Most Commonly Used in Chemicals in the Artificial Rain Making or Cloud Seeding ?

Answer :- Silver lodide ( Agl )

In which part of an eye a pigment is present which is Responsible for Brown , Blue or Black eyes ?

Answer :- Iris

Which gas Commonly known as laughing Gas ?

Answer :- Nitrous oxide

How many layers are there in Our Earth’s Atmosphere ?

Answer :- 5 Layers

Rusting of iron is an example of which type of reaction ?

Answer :- Chemical Reaction

Science Best Gk Questions

Which Acid is found in ‘ Ant Sting ‘ ?

Answer :- Methanoic Acid

Which device converts Solar Energy into Electrical Energy ?

Answer :- photovoltaic cell

What is the hearing Capacity of a ” Human being ” ?

Answer :- 20 Hz to 20000 Hz

Which Scientist gave the Atomic Theory of Matter ?

Answer :- John Dalton

Which part of the human body is mainly affected by ” Alzheimer’s disease ” ?

Answer :- Brain

Pitutory gland is located in which part of human body ?

Answer :- Brain

Which Gas turns Lime Water Milky ?

Answer :- Carbon Dioxide

Which is the lightest Gas present in our Atmosphere ?

Answer :- hydrogen

Which is the Most Poisonous Gas in the World ?

Answer :- Carbon Monoxide

Which rare Gas is the most abundant in the ” Earth’s Crust ” ?

Answer :- Argon

Which substance reacts with Chlorine to Produce bleaching powder ?

Answer :- Slaked Lime

Which Gas is mainly filled in Tubelight ?

Answer :- Argon and Nitrogen

On what Principle does Work in ” Physical Balance ” ?

Answer :- law of parallel forces

According to Newland, how many elements were present in nature at that time when Newland gave his law of Octaves ?

Answer :- 56

What is the effect on the surface tension of water when Soap is dissolved in Water ?

Answer :- The surface tension of water will Reduce .

What is studied in mycology ?

Answer :- fungus

On what principle do hydraulic brakes used in self-propelled vehicles Work ?

Answer :- Pascal’s law

Which Hormone Controls the Amount of Calcium in Human Blood ?

Answer :- Calcitonin

Which gland controls Human Body Temperature ?

Answer :- Hypothalamus

Which part of the human body is most Affected by Pneumonia ?

Answer :- Lungs

What are plants that Grow in salt water Called ?

Answer :- Halophytes

The Enzymes found in Lysosomes which have the ability to destroy Protoplasm ?

Answer :- Hydrolytic enzymes

Which Instrument is used to Measure Air Pressure ?

Answer :- Animometer

The Enzyme found in saliva, which converts Starch into Glucose ?

Answer :- Ptyalin Enzyme

Which element is the best Conductor of Electricity ?

Answer :- Silver

Which substance is found in Green Henna due to which it turns Red ?

Answer :- Lawson

one HP is equal to how many Watts ?

Answer :- 746 Watt

When Lemon juice is poured on Baking Soda, it effervesces rapidly because the gas evolved is ?

Answer :- Carbon Dioxide

which Element deficient in Human body Due to Anemia Disease ?

Answer :- Deficient of Himoglobin on Blood

Top 50 Polity GK Question With answer in English

1.Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?

Answer :- Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

2. Who was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly ?

Answer :- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

3. The idea of the Constitution of India was first of all given by whom ?

Answer :- M.N. Roy

4. Constitution of India was adopted by Indian constituent assembly on Which Day ?

Answer :- 26 November 1949

5. Constitution of India came into effect from?

Answer :- 26 January 1950

6. The Constituent Assembly took how much time to finally complete the Constitution?

Answer :- 2 years 11 months and 18 days

7. Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha ?

Answer :- G. V. Mavalankar

8. The Indian Constitution closely follows the Constitutional system of Which Country ?

Answer :- United Kingdom

9. Which words were added to the ‘Preamble to the Constitution’ through the 42nd Constitution Amendment act?

Answer :- Socialist, Secular, Integrity

10. Under which article President can declare State Emergency?

Answer :- Article 356

11. Which article defines Equality before law and equal protection of law?

Answer :- Article 14

12. What is the minimum age to qualify for election to the Lok Sabha ?

Answer :- 25 Years

13. Right to Property was removed from the list of ” Fundamental Rights ” by which Amendment Act ?

Answer :- 44th Amendment Act

14. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Answer :- President of India

15. Which fundamental right has been described by Dr. Ambedkar as the ‘heart and soul of the our Constitution”?

Answer :- Right to Constitution Remedies

16. What is the minimum permissible age for employment in any factory or mine?

Answer :- 14 Years

17. Fundamental duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution in which year ?

Answer :- 1976

18. In which year, Constitution of India was amended for the first time?

Answer :- 1951

18. Free & Compulsory education to all children from 6-14 years age was made a fundamental right by which Constitution amendment Act?

Answer :- 86th Constitution Amendment Act 2002

19. Which article of the Indian Constitution gives the right of citizenship to people of Indian origin living outside India?

Answer :- Article 8

20. Which Constitution amendment is related to Goods and Services Tax?

Answer :- 101st Constitution amendment

21. Who administers oath to a judge of a high court?

Answer :- Governor of State

22. Consumer Protection Act, 2019 has replaced by Which Indian Constitution Act?

Answer :- Consumer Protection Act, 1976

23. In which Year Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were used for the first time in General Election?

Answer :- 1982

24. Initially how many members were the part of the Constituent Assembly?

Answer :- 389

25. Which house is called the Upper house of the parliament?

Answer :- Rajya Sabha

26. The Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution is derived from which Country?

Answer :- Russia

27. The maximum Seat of the Lok Sabha ?

Answer :- 552

28. How many princely states were there in India at the time of partition of India?

Answer :- 562

29. How many times has financial emergency been declared in India so far?

Answer :- not even once

30. Who is the Supreme Commander of India’s Defence Forces ?

Answer :- President of India

31. By Which amendments of the constitution, Delhi was made the National Capital Territory ?

Answer :- 69th Constitution amendment 1990

32. How many Schedules are there in Present time in the Constitution of India?

Answer :- 12

33. The Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution was added by in which Constitution amendment ?

Answer :- 1st Constitution amendment

34. Which article of the constitution made right to form co-operative societies a Fundamental right?

Answer :- Article 19

35. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Whose statement is it?

Answer :- Abraham Lincoln

36. In the first General election to the Lok Sabha in 1952 how many national Parties were contested?

Answer :- 14

37. Under which constitutional amendment, the retirement age of High Court judges was increased from 60 years to 62 years?

Answer :- 15 th Constitution amendment

38. Languages ​​are mentioned in which schedule of the Indian Constitution?

Answer :- 8th schedule of Indian Constitution

39. How many languages ​​are included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution?

Answer :- 22 Languages

40. On the recommendation of which committee the two-tier Panchayati Raj system was Introduced in India?

Answer :- Ashok Mehta Committee

Top 50 Sports Related GK Questions in English

Which is the most popular Sport in the world ?

Answer :- Football

Which Country Won the FIFA World Cup 2022 ?

Answer :- Argentina

Who was the first batsman to score a double century in a One Day International cricket ?

Answer :- Sachin Tendulkar

which year India won the Cricket World Cup for the first time ?

Answer :- 1983

The world famous Celebrity Cristiano Ronaldo is related to which Sports ?

Answer :- football

In Which year India won the first Gold Medal in Olympics hockey ?

Answer :- 1928

Who was the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in the Olympics ?

Answer :- P. V. Sindhu

Who is the first Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic Games ?

Answer :- Abhinav Bindra

In which Place the first modern Olympics were held ?

Answer :- Athens in Greece on 1896

Which country holds the record for most Olympic Medal Won at Single Olympics ?

Answer :- United States of America

Saina Nehwal is associated with which Sports ?

Answer :- Badminton

M. A. Chidambaram Stadium located In Which City in India ?

Answer :- Chennai

What is the title of the autobiography Written by Indian boxer Mary Kom ?

Answer :- The Unbreakable

Who was the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Olympic Games ?

Answer :- Karnam Malleswari

Who has become the first Indian fencer to Qualify for Tokyo Olympic Games ?

Answer :- Bhavani Devi

Which is the biggest award given in the field of sports in India ?

Answer :- Major dhyan Chand Award

Which Indian Sportsperson is known as the ” Wizard of hockey” ?

Answer :- Major Dhyan Chand

Irani Trophy Is Related to Which Sport ?

Answer :- Cricket

In which Year hockey included in the Olympic Games ?

Answer :- 1920

” Ground Stroke ” is related to in which Sports ?

Answer :- Table Tennis

” Thomas Cup ” is related to in which Sports ?

Answer :- Badminton

” Arjun Award ” are given for excellence in which field ?

Answer :- Sports

Who has become the first Indian cyclist to win a silver medal in the Asian Championships ?

Answer :- Ronaldo Singh

In which country will be held the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 ?

Answer :- Pakistan

Which country will host the Copa America Football Championship 2024 ?

Answer :- Ecuador

Which swimmer has created a new world record in 2022 by breaking a 13 year old record in men’s 100m freestyle event ?

Answer :- David Popovici

Which country is known as the father of Cricket ?

Answer :- England

Where was the first Khelo India University Games organized ?

Answer :- Bhuvneshwar

Current Sports Gk Questions

how many medals are India Won in Tokyo Olympic 2020 ?

Answer :- 7

Who was the only Indian sportsperson to win gold medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020 ?

Answer :- Neeraj Chopra

Michael Phelps is related to in which Sports ?

Answer :- swimming

Which Indian cricketer is popularly known as Haryana Hurricane ?

Answer :- Kapil Dev

Who was the first player to take 200 wickets in ODI cricket at international level ?

Answer :- Kapil Dev

Which Indian female athlete is known as the Golden Girl ?

Answer :- PT Usha

Which Indian female athlete is popularly known as Dhing Express ?

Answer :- Hima Das

The famous tennis player ‘Roger Federer’ belongs in Which Country ?

Answer :- Switzerland

” Maria Sharapova ” is a female tennis player from which Country ?

Answer :- Russia

Wankhede Stadium is situated in which city in India ?

Answer :- Mumbai

Where is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Sports Institute located ?

Answer :- Patiyala

Firoj Saha Kotla Stadium is Situated in which city in India ?

Answer :- New Delhi

Top 10 Current Sports GK Question 2023

Who has become the first Indian to win two medals in the ” World U-20 Athletics Championships ” in 2022 ?

Answer :- Rupal Chowdhary

Which club won its first Indian Super League ( ISL ) title in 2022 ?

Answer :- Goa Fc

Who has won the BBC (Indian Sports Woman of the year 2021) award in March, 2022?

Answer :- Mirabai Chanu

Which Country won the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2022 title in 2022 ?

Answer :- India

Who became the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in the U-20 World Wrestling Championship in 2022 ?

Answer :- Antim Panghal

Who has won the women’s singles championship title in ” Australian Open 2022 ” ?

Answer :- Ashleigh Barty

Which team has won the IPL-2022 title ?

Answer :- Gujarat Titans

Sharath Kamal of India has won maximum number of medals for India in Commonwealth Game 2022 How many medals did he win in Commonwealth Games 2022 ?

Answer :- 4 Medals

How many medals did India win in Commonwealth Game 2022 ?

Answer :- 61

Which player was selected as the best male footballer of AIFF for the year 2021-22 ?

Answer :- Sunil Chhetri

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